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Canadian Errors & Varieties Numismatic Association

Welcome to the CEVNA Members Articles page

Articles available:

  1. Joseph Kennedy; January 2007 Loon Dollars
  2. Joseph Kennedy; January 2007 20th Century Chrome
  3. Rob Turner; August 2006 Double Punched 1859 Cents - Know What You Are Buying
  4. Henry Nienhuis; Feb 2002 Kayak Bibliography
  5. Henry Nienhuis; May 2006 Hans Zoell - A Biography
  6. Henry Nienhuis; August 2006 Canadian 2006 5 Cents - No P
  7. Henry Nienhuis; August 2006 Canadian 1938 5 Cents - varieties study

* The images and articles used by this site have been supplied by the members, any copyright remains with the member.