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Canadian Errors & Varieties Numismatic Association

Welcome to the CEVNA Reference Articles page

The articles linked are re-prints of articles of interest from publications cited. Copyright belongs to the original author/publication.

Articles available:

    Canadian Numismatic Journal Articles
  1. A.A. Tuttle; January - March 1956 "Metallurgical Aspects of Coinage with Special Reference to Nickel"
  2. J.C. Levesque; September 1978 pg 309"The Quality And Efficiency Of Royal Mint Dies A Century Ago"
  3. J.C. Levesque; April 1979 pg 151 "The 1885 5 Over 5 Five-Cent Piece"
  4. J.C. Levesque; October 1982 pg 430 "A Review of Mintages & Dies of Canadian and Newfoundland Coins From 1884-1912"

    Kayak - Official Publication of CIAC
  1. Bill English; Vol. 1, No. 1; January 1971, pg 2-3"The English Effect"
  2. Patrick Beauvais; Vol. 2, No. 2; February 1972, pg 34"A Minor Contribution"


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